About Seed Captain Program (SCP)

Set up, in collaboration with some major seed knowledge institutions, Seed Captain Program is an in-depth and intensive training course, which offers professional seed technologists the possibility to acquire a very rigorous theoretical and practical training in different aspects related to seeds, seed quality and seed technology. Through an intensive training program, combining lectures, demonstrations, discussions and hands-on practical, the participants will get all information, training and background to implement practical test system in their own environment.

Lectures will be given by top professionals and will encompass as well the standard technologies and newest development in the addressed field.

Participants are stimulated to prepare a thesis on a challenge they meet in the daily practice and testing various potential solutions. The guidance for this study will be performed by members of the scientific board on a confidential basis. The preparation of the thesis should involve at least 320 hours. It can be conducted as part of the professional tasks of the participants.

After active participation in at least seven modules, including the preparing a thesis the participants can be nominated for receiving the International Seed Academy degree of Seed Captain.

Seed Captain Modules

Up to now, the complete training has been organized in 10 different modules; which will take 5 days each and an 11th module concerning the preparation of a thesis on a practical challenge.

The 10 module-topics up to now are:

Module 1 - Seed Vigor
Module2 - Drying & Storage
Module 3 - Treatments, Coating & Pelleting
Module 4 - Priming, Enhancing & Dormancy
Module 5 - Seed Healthy and Pathology
Module 6 - Seed Cleaning & Upgrading
Module 7 - Breeder Language
Module 8 - Seed Production
Module 9 - Seed Economics & Marketing
Module 10 - Thesis on Practical Challenge



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Why investment on training is important

  • To ensure that your key people is up-to-date and trained  to tackle with seed technology issues
  • Not only understanding on the basics but they should know what’s new or even becoming available
  • Able to guide your company on  issues and enable them to ensure that any future investment would be to the point, accurate and successful
  • To ensure that your key people are linked to huge network combining the brightest minds in seed technology and making them directly available
  • To ensure that  your key people are capable to prepare , and setup improvements that will make the difference for your company