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Training and education are the important parts in a successful introduction of any new seed technology. There are many seminars and even workshops dedicated to these ‘new’ technologies. But too often they lack in-depth training, a hands-on training or lack the accompanying technologies needed. Although these new technologies are relatively easy to be retrieved abroad and machines, protocols and systems can be purchased, there is often little practical information or support and little customization of those technologies. Too short courses do not enable seed men to setup a successful project at their own company with the information they received.

What Is ISA

Our Mission
To offer professional seeds men and women, seed companies and public institutions the possibility to acquire not only a thorough knowledge on current and upcoming methods in seed technology, but also to provide the necessary training and experience, consulting and the possibilities for networking.
The ISA Vision

Meet Our Team

Ing Johan Van Asbrouck
Ing Johan Van AsbrouckPresident
The academy was established with the aim to break down the boundaries and to ensure the seed professionals, seed companies, and seed institution in Asia are well prepared with thorough knowledge, training and experience of the current and also state of the art seed technologies to face future challenges.

Many seed companies’ future depends on the successful implementation of new seed technologies. All the more, many seed technologies are linked together, and only by studying the complete chain they will be able to maximize the advantage and profits from these technologies. ISA is here to assist and accompany these companies to tackle these challenges.

New seed technologies are an important and necessary item in ensuring that the agriculture can produce the necessary food, feed, fiber, fuel and flower for their countries. These new technologies are also vital to ensure the seed companies could maintain or improve their position on the global seed platform.

Dr Steven P C Groot
Dr Steven P C GrootDirector
Seeds form the basis of most of food sources. Next to the choice of the right variety, it is the quality of the seeds that determine if a crop has a good or a poor start. Farmers all over the world are in need of healthy and vigorous seeds to make most of their inputs. In recent years the knowledge about seed technology, physiology and pathology has increased and can be used to improve seed quality.

In the ISA courses we aim to bridge the scientific knowledge, old and new seed technologies and the experience of the participants together. Participants learn to approach seed quality from different angles including the biology from the seeds themselves as well their economic potential. Whether being active in a company or for a public organization, the knowledge and skills obtained during the ISA courses, will give the participants a broader basis for development in their tasks to improve seed quality.

Advisory Board

They are designated as independent experts, and will attentively evaluate the choice of the modules and of the topics that will be discussed during these modules, and also of the complete lecture texts. Only fully and unanimously approved lecturing materials will be used in the course. This operating procedure will guarantee not only the quality and the importance of the content of the courses, but it will also guarantee that the content is free of commercial interest from co-organizers or other involved partners and maximize the efficiency and the outcome of the program for the participants